Class catalogue

Class catalogue

The Twin Cities Media Alliance (TCMA) offers media arts and communication classes at many Twin Cities locations. We also can offer customized trainings tailored to the needs of your organization or business. This document lists just a few of the classes we offer.

To see which classes are currently scheduled, check the TCMA classes calendar at If you are interested in a class or training session tailored to the needs of your organization or business, please contact Adaobi Okolue, [email protected]


Become a LinkedIn Power User

Do you have a LinkedIn account but don’t know how to use it? This workshop will demonstrate how to set up an accurate profile, discover new contacts and participate in groups. Bring your tablet or laptop if you have one.

Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business or Organization

Social media tools allow you to connect with your customers, community and members, but when you run a small business or organization, time is valuable – where do you start? Do you create accounts on every platform and get lost in the clutter? Are all platforms relevant to your goals? Attend this session and learn what social media platforms would serve your business or organization best, where to start and how to leverage them for the greatest benefit. Bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop if you have one.

Blogging for Beginners

Blogging is the instant way to have readers but demands short, creative, imaginative input on a regular basis. Do you have an idea for a blog or want to find out more before launching yours? Let’s talk blogs. Blog sites, blog communities, blog themes, and blog creation. Whether you want to practice your writing skills, generate instant readers, learn more about the craft of writing, interview, review, inform, or just have fun discussing whatever takes your fancy, blogs are easy and interactive. Bring a laptop if you can so we can take a look at several blog sites.

Create a Website for Your Business or Organization

Discover how to use open source resources such as Word Press to develop a free or inexpensive website for your small business, community organization or blog. Web developers explain how to set up a site, how to navigate the settings and tips to generate traffic. Bring your tablet or laptop.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

How does Google decide what to display on page one when someone performs a keyword search relevant to your business? How can you find out what specific keywords people are searching for in the first place? This class will give an introduction to how search words and how you can use this insight to gain visibility for your website.

Facebook 101 for Your Business or Organization

Facebook is a great tool for a small business or organization to increase your social media presence, but where do you start and find the time to fit it all in? Learn how to set up a business Facebook page, distribute consistent information, grow your fan base and set up editorial calendars. Bring your tablet or laptop if you have one.

Facebook 201 for Your Business or Organization

This Facebook class is for businesses that have a Facebook presence but want to optimize it further. We’ll cover strategic approaches for marketing on Facebook based on audience and business goals. This class will also cover Facebook advertising and promoted posts. Bring your tablet or laptop if you have one.

Google Docs: The Tool for Smart Online Collaborations

Google Docs can be a huge help, but also a source of frustration. This hands-on class is designed for job seekers, business owners, members of organizations (nonprofits and community groups), and anyone else seeking easy ways to collaborate digitally. You’ll learn how to create, manipulate, manage and collaborate with Google Docs, Google’s version of documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, and drawings—all part of the Google Docs suite.

Google+ Hangouts

What do President Obama,  NASA astronauts, the Dalai Lama and Minnesota Zoo have in common?  They have all used Google+ Hangouts to connect with their audience and share their message with the world. A Google Hangout is a super easy way to hold video conferences with multiple individuals or groups of people. It has several applications as an internal communication and collaboration system as well as well as a way to broadcast your message to millions of people for free. In this class you will learn:

* How your business or non-profit organization can use Google+ Hangouts

* The difference between Hangouts and Hangouts On Air

* The basics to start and schedule Hangout Video calls

* An introduction to Google+ Hangouts On Air:  set-up, tips, best practices and promotion

Google Tools

Learn about products and services (often free) Google has developed to aid in collaboration, accessibility and business marketing. Now there’s Gmail, Gchat, Google Drive, Google+, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and much, much, more. A Google account gives you access to a world of powerful free tools. Learn the basics about how to make the best use of Google’s tools to achieve your personal and professional goals. Bring your tablet or laptop if you have one.

“I’m on Facebook, but I have no idea what I’m doing”

“Why do I see some posts in my news feed, but not others?” “Can I hide someone’s posts without unfriending him?” “How do I change my profile picture?” “What do I need to know about privacy?” It’s now easy to get on Facebook, but the complicated interface can be bewildering for novice users. This class will help you take the next steps towards being a confident Facebook user who can connect with the people you want, when you want to. A wi-fi connection will be available; you’re encouraged to bring your laptop computer (and/or tablet, or smartphone) if you’d like.

Introduction to WordPress

This 2-hour class covers all of the basics of using WordPress 3.0 to create feature-rich blogs and websites. We will walk through everything from setting up an account to launching your first website. Topics include: building and modifying a profile; publishing posts and pages; utilizing page templates; inserting images and other media; working with themes; understanding widgets.

Making the Most of Google Docs

Come and learn about Google Docs: Google’s version of documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, and drawings—all part of the Google Docs suite. Learn how to create, manipulate, manage and collaborate with Google Docs. This hands-on class is designed for job seekers, business owners and members of organizations seeking easy ways to collaborate digitally.

Personal Privacy in a Social Media World

You need to use the internet and online profiles all the time, but how can you ensure that your internet browsing, purchases, email, and other online activity is safe and secure? Feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what is meant by “private” or confused by all of the privacy options on Facebook? If so, you’re not alone! In this class, you’ll learn about tools and techniques to protect your online information. We’ll cover the basics of privacy in a “social” world, answering such questions as: What is private? Who can see my personal information and posts? How can I protect my privacy and still use social media? How is my information being used in ads?

Pinterest: More than Virtual Scrapbooking

Uncover the mystery behind this visually stimulating social media. Gain a better understanding of why Pinterest has piqued the interest of so many. Learn the basics of board creation, navigation and etiquette. Talk about common uses and how to get the most out of your Pinterest experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Business or Organization

Ever wonder how some websites rank in top Google search results for key terms? This class will give you a peak behind the curtain at the factors that Google looks at and help you refine your strategy for appearing in search results. Bring your tablet or laptop if you have one.

Social Media Speed Dating: 10-Minute Introductions to the Top Ten Social Media Sites

Discover what’s out there and whether any of the social media tools are right for you and your small business or organization. This session will cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, DeviantArt, LiveJournal, Tagged and Orkut. Bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop if you have one.

“There’s an App for That!”

So many apps, so little time. Discover which apps should be loaded on your smart phone or tablet to improve productivity for your business or organization, plus how to use and organize them. Don’t miss this fast-paced and fun-filled session. Bring your smart phone and/or tablet.

Top 10 Best Free PC Programs that Everyone Should Install

Many tools are available to greatly enhance our computing experience to make it smoother and more productive. Some tools may save you hours of frustration per week. The best news is that many of these tools are free! In this course, learn about the best tools to fully equip yourself for a comfortable and productive computing experience.

Tumblr 101

The social blogging platform Tumblr is one of the fastest-growing online networks, especially among young people and the “creative class.” What is Tumblr, and what can it do for you? This class will provide you with the basics on how Tumblr works, why it’s becoming so popular, and how you can use it effectively for your business and personal interests.

Twitter 101 and Twitter 101 for Your Business or Organization

What is Twitter, and how can you use it effectively to connect with your friends, colleagues, and—for business owners—potential customers? Go from being a novice to a power user. Bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop if you have one.

Using Facebook to Promote Your Business or Organization

You know that social media is a great way to market your business and share information about your brand, but where do you start? How do you find time to fit it all in? During this hour and a half workshop, learn how to set up a business Facebook page and engage your fans. Discover ways to curate and distribute consistent information and grow your fan base. This workshop will also offer suggestions for how to set up your own editorial calendars related to social media content, ways to maximize your Facebook efforts when your time is limited, and general best practices in social media. Time will be left at the end for open discussion and questions. Laptops suggested, but not required. Who should attend? Small business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs interested in learning how to use Facebook to create awareness and expand business reach. This workshop is intended for individuals who are looking for ways to increase their Facebook presence and/or who are new to Facebook business pages.

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