SeeClickFix – Now on the Twin Cities Daily Planet

See Click FixThe New York Times ran a story this morning (January 4) about a feature that TC Daily Planet added last week – SeeClickFix is a national site that gives people a super-simple way to register their requests for action with government officials. It’s a national site, but organized by city and neighborhood.

The SeeClickFix widget in column 3 of the Daily Planet focuses on the metro area. All requests in St. Paul and Minneapolis are tracked there. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul city government officials have promised to track and respond to these requests for action. As the New York Times describes it:

Users can comment on the issue or label it resolved. Government agencies can post on the site to respond to residents, and journalists can use the site to communicate with readers and see which issues are most pressing to people.Ben Berkowitz, the chief executive of SeeClickFix, said the tool went beyond government: “Anyone can be held accountable: a business, nonprofit, even a private citizen.”

SeeClickFix has the potential to be a powerful tool for civic participation. Take a look at the issues posted by your neighbors, or click and make your own action request. Let us know whether you get action – and let us know if no one responds. We’d like to see this tool work for all of us.
Mary Turck

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